Everyone feels depressed from time to time. A love breakdown or a poor grade can both affect mood. At times, sadness might hit for no apparent reason. Is there any big difference between these changing moods and is it called depression? Anyone who has had a depressive episode would most likely say “yes”. Also, untreated severe depression increases the risk of suicide ideation.

Stats never lie: suicide is the second leading reason for death. A mental condition, particularly depression, is a primary cause of suicide. Suicidal people are swamped by dreadful emotions and consider suicide as their only option, losing sight of the fact that suicide is an irreversible “solution” to a temporary state.

Once again, our community has lost a talent to depression. Depression is a master torturer, dragging one into a scary world where one pleads for the beautiful mercy of death. YES! Blake Hounshell, a renowned ‘New York Times’ journalist, commits suicide at the age of 44. 

Blake Hounshell had worked really hard in the field of political journalism for over 2 decades to establish himself. Blake gained recognition in the field of journalism after working for a number of big publications and was praised for covering the rise of pro-democracy protests and uprisings- “ Arab Spring”  as well as other key political events in the early 2010s.

Unfortunately, Blake committed suicide, leaving behind an immense void in his industry. With that said, What was the actual reason behind his death? Read further to know more details.

What was the cause of Death?

Based on Blake’s family statement, he was “battling depression”, before committing suicide. We all must understand that ‘Depression is a slow poison’. It kills slowly yet seamlessly. It is a mood condition caused by a continuous feeling of sadness as well as a lack of enthusiasm and willpower. It weakens one from within, and when it bursts, individuals consider suicide. It eventually results in death. And suffering from depression is not easy. Depression does not kill, but it creates an environment in which people want to die rather than live.

Suicidal Depression

Depression isn’t the ‘Monday morning blues’, or having a ‘bad day’. Clinical depression, whether mild or severe, is a pervasive and potentially serious disorder. It can severely impact day-to-day routine as well as have adverse health outcomes. Severe, serious depression can totally immobilise a person, even causing a complete withdrawal from daily living–or a withdrawal from actual living, in the case of suicides.

Is Depression Treatable?

For instance, what happens if you feel that your fever is killing you?

It is indicating that you can no longer handle it on your own and that you require the assistance of a professional with knowledge in this field. So you go to the doctor/ expert, explain your symptoms, and the doctor runs some tests before prescribing medication or other appropriate treatment.

Similarly, if you are experiencing suicidal ideation due to depression, it is an indicator that you require the assistance of a trained professional, such as a doctor, psychotherapist, or counsellor. So you should see a doctor/therapist to share your issues and offer him/her a chance to assist you.

Also, depression is one of the highly treatable mental conditions. Treatment results have shown positive signs for around 80%-90% of individuals with depression, and almost all patients experience some level of relief from their symptoms. There are many best treatments out there for depression like SPRAVATO. 

The good news is that, unlike many other life-threatening conditions, depression can be overcome by choosing the best treatment, such as SPRAVATO.

Once you start to use SPRAVATO, your depression will start to fade. 

SPRAVATO to the Rescue

SPRAVATO is an antidepressant nasal spray that contains “Esketamine.” It has been shown to help people with severe depression and suicidal ideation. Spravato is suitable for people who have tried two or more conventional antidepressant meds prescribed by their doctor but have not seen significant relief.

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