Standard antidepressants, usually in conjunction with therapy, benefit many individuals diagnosed with severe depression. Unfortunately, for approximately 30% of these individuals, who have Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), these drugs have little or no effect.

Treatment-resistant does not imply “no hope;” It’s simply a little more difficult. Innovative, cutting-edge therapies are constantly on the horizon, such as Spravato, a nasal spray that can be sprayed by yourself that gives promising outcomes.

Spravato is life-changing for many individuals, especially those suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). What comes after Spravato? If you are planning on taking therapy or are already undergoing treatment, you might well be wondering about what your next steps are. The great news is that it is one of an energetic, enthusiastic, and healthy lifestyle.

After Spravato, Patient Experience Fewer Symptoms

Spravato can help you experience considerably fewer symptoms in the long run if you suffer from TRD or Major Depression Disorder (MDD) with suicidal ideation. Spravato is notably successful in decreasing the symptoms that can aggravate TRD for a large number of people. This is a result of the way it affects glutamate within the brain. Standard medications may be unable to do this in Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) patients, making Spravato a significant alternative to traditional medications. 

Getting back to Your Personal Favorite Activities

Among the most annoying elements of TRD is that it hinders many individuals from doing the activities they like. Hobbies and activities that were once interesting and thrilling have lost their attraction. Many Spravato users say that they are able to regain interest in their personal favorite activities and interests after taking the medicine. 

Spravato, which is now available to eligible patients at Brain Spa, is certified by the FDA and also has shown significant behavioral and mood benefits among people with TRD. Most notably, many individuals have experienced symptom relief in even less than 24hrs, which is substantially faster than the average 4-6 weeks it takes for standard antidepressant medicine to work.

Majority of People continue with their Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a necessary component of every TRD treatment protocol. Your psychotherapy appointments will most certainly continue, albeit they may be less frequent. Psychotherapy will remain a useful and helpful component of leading a healthy and meaningful life.

Many Patients Continue taking Spravato in Maintenance Doses

Following the initial round of treatments, patients will most likely continue using maintenance dosages in the future. These dosages will be less frequent, but sticking to regular maintenance could be essential to maintain your new state of well-being.

If you really need or wish to discontinue Spravato, talk with your doctor first. Dropping Spravato suddenly could result in the recurrence of some symptoms, therefore it is recommended to work with your mental health specialist. 

Practicing Successful Self-care

Another way that TRD and MDD impact patients are by preventing them from participating in effective self-care. Even ordinary actions like cleaning the house or taking a bath might feel daunting to someone suffering from these disorders. After Spravato, one could be able to participate in positive self-care & regain a level of overall health and welfare that was previously out of reach.

Take your First Step with Brain Spa

It is crucial for Brain Spa’s behavioral health specialists to constantly extend alternatives for patients. There is a clear need for therapy now, more than ever before. Nothing makes us happier than to see our patients improve and ultimately ‘light up.’

 If you have depression, whether it is Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) or not, do not however give up. We believe there is always hope. 

Most health insurance companies will cover Spravato. To increase access, our employees will coordinate with insurers. Our objective at Brain Spa is to relieve you from the strain of interacting with your health insurer. We acquire preauthorization, handle your deductibles as well as co-pays, and seek payment from your health insurer. We want you to concentrate on your most essential task: overcoming Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) together.

Are you curious about how Spravato could help you? Contact our mental health professionals right away. They will support you every step of the way and show you how wonderful life can be after Brain Spa Spravato Treatment. Book
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