Every day, people make the awful decision to end their lives. Recent celebrity suicides put the issue square in the public mind. One celebrity, Darryl McDaniels, did just that and sparked an open discussion on his Mental Health, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation!

Yes! You heard it right. We’re talking about the hip-hop legend DMC, American rapper Darryl Matthews McDaniels, who was a founding member of the groundbreaking hip-hop band Run-DMC.

The living rap superstar and Dennis Vanasse, a faculty at Anna Maria College who hosted a session with DMC at the institution, spoke candidly about mental well-being, addiction, as well as some potential remedies to overcome real difficulties in an interview with HipHopDX.  His story was indeed a personal one. But McDaniels is a legendary superstar, and humdrum office work isn’t what he’s renowned for. He is the DMC of the popular pop band Run DMC. His personal story was about dealing with the truth that he intended to attempt suicide. He has also published a memoir called “Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide”.

Depression affects millions of individuals in the US. While many individuals learn to live with depressive symptoms, a specific one requires quick attention: suicide ideation. Despite his fame, DMC was battling in silence with substance and mental disorders. When the booze was not enough to fill the void in his heart & to push away the crushing depression, DMC really considered killing himself (suicide ideation).

Suicidal ideation & leadership aren’t exactly subjects that many people would consider in tandem, but the loneliness that comes with being in a power position can build a gap from being an ordinary human being. This occurs to many leaders, and it occurred to McDaniels. He is popular, and during his depression, everyone loved him, but the man they loved was a “character”, DMC, not Darryl McDaniels.

Not many knew the real Darryl McDaniels. Sadly, he later discovered he had been adopted.

McDaniels realised he didn’t really know himself at this point. This led him down a road of self-discovery that helped him defeat alcohol and drugs, with rehab and treatment, where he discovered true healing. As he revealed his experience with audiences, their love for him as DMC turned to a deeper respect for his genuineness and vulnerability. A person-to-person bridge was built. It was a beautiful and powerful moment.

He was candid about his challenges during the worst moments, acknowledging that everyone, no matter whether they are celebrities or not, is battling something like depression, anxiety, etc.

Thankfully, McDaniels says that with the help of his mental health professional and therapy, he is no longer in that dark place. DMC advises young folks to do the same way he did: talk with an adult they can confide in when they are feeling down. And never forget that they are not worthless simply because of how they feel. Others praise those who are enthusiastic about life and claim to constantly feel well, but we should never praise or reject people based on how they feel, says DMC. “It’s not wrong for someone to feel depressed or nervous; it’s simply a feeling.”

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