Depression is a real issue. The number of individuals who are depressed is gradually increasing. A worrisome figure is that around 8.9 million US residents suffer from both severe depressive disorder and Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). The reason for this figure is not that many patients rejected care, but rather many did not respond to standard treatments and some did not achieve long-term results.

When it is more difficult-to-treat depression and people do not respond to antidepressants the condition is Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Also, People who wish to achieve better care are struggling to come out of depression due to the obstacles in obtaining mental health care. This sparked the introduction of promising new treatment options, such as SPRAVATO (Esketamine) into the industry.

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Know the Numbers

The intensity of the depression rate is understandable with the stats. According to WHO (2022), it is estimated that 284 million adults around the globe have anxiety. An even more concerning figure is that in the United States, 8.9 million people have both major depressive disorder and Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD).

Why Choose SPRAVATO For Your Treatment?

TRD causes people to lose hope and forces them to deal with stress and anxiety on a regular basis. Depression is like standing in a needle; if left untreated, it can slowly harm them and leave a scar on their minds.

Esketamine allows individuals who haven’t had success with conventional antidepressants a taste of what it’s like to be depressed-free. After discovering the effectiveness and need, many doctors consider including Esketamine (SPRAVATO) in their treatment plans. 

Spravato promotes neurotransmitters in the brain that makes you feel excited and encourages you. Also, by improving memory performance and teaching your mind how to adjust to this new state, patients will be given support for the treatment of depressed symptoms by reducing the frequency of suicidal thoughts.

Insurance-Covered Care is Still Accessible

Interestingly, Spravato is supported by a variety of private insurers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid schemes.  With SPRAVATO use, patients with in-network coverage will only pay the co-pay as long as their plan deductible and other insurance requirements are met, which is done with proper insurance handling. 

Yet, even after being FDA-approved Spravato hasn’t attained its complete capacity to reach the people who need them the most. This is because health insurers demand enormous information to make payment choices. Also, insurance mishandling can directly affect patient pockets, so Brain Spa obtains preauthorization, handles the deductibles and co-pays, and follow up with the insurer.

Patients Can Track Their Treatment Success Now

Going data-driven is one of the best way to improve coverage benefits in Spravato care. Clinicians using MBC (Measurement-Based Care) to obtain data on practice efficiency and treatment success rates are clever.

Someone on a weight loss journey would like to know how much weight they have shed, which will serve as a motivator. Same as that, features of MBC helps to give self-report outcomes. 

SPRAVATO: Budget-Friendly and Better Care

The positive influence of novel treatments is becoming more widely recognized. The fact that SPRAVATO is now one of the few FDA-approved medicine in the broad category of “psychedelics” must be noted. Also, depression rates are believed to be dropped to 21% from over 71% in the early phases of using them.

Brain Spa wishes to increase quality not just in patient health but also in practice workflow. By saving time on administration process, we allow our doctors to give more space for patient care.

Spravato solutions are ideal to defeat depression. At Brain Spa, we make sure to provide you with better results. We are REMS certified treatment clinic and guarantee our clients a dependable experience.

We want you to concentrate on the most important task of becoming healthier!